Xin Li
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Xin li, June,2012~Dec, 2012

Specialty: clinical medicine


  • Trainee at Yale School of Public Health (datesfrom-touse month, day, year like this: January 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016)

  • Current title at CSU or another institution

  • Member of an IRB?Which one, what is your title?


work email :

work phone number +86-0731-88618214, +86-13808418932

Short Biography: (here is Kaveh’s as an example)

Dr. Khoshnood is trained as an infectious disease epidemiologist and his primary research interests are the epidemiology, prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis among drug users, prisoners and other at risk populations in United States and in resource-poor countries. Dr. Khoshnood's other interests are the examination of the links among health, human rights and violent conflict and ethical dilemmas in research involving vulnerable populations. Dr. Khoshnood conducts research in U.S, China and Middle East and teaches courses on HIV/AIDS, global health and research methods and ethics.

Mentored Trainee Research Project (if any):Include title and short summary.If project is complete, include results

Other research projects you may be working on: (include the title, your role on the project and a short summary)

Areas of Expertise: hematology (physician)

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