Yun Li
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  • Trainee at Yale School of Public Health (Sep 1, 2016 – Dec22, 2015)

  • Associate professor of Ophthalmology, the 2nd Xiangya Hospital of CSU



work phone number86-731-13637411735

Short Biography:

YunLi MD is trained as an ophthalmologist and her primary research interests are vitreoretinal surgery and pediatric retinal diseases. Dr. Li’s other interests are the clinical ethicsand its impact on doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Li conducts research in Ophthalmology andclinical ethics education in China.

Mentored Trainee Research Project (if any): Impact of targeted clinical ethics training on doctor-patient relationship in Central South China

Other research projects you may be working on: (include the title, your role on the project and a short summary)

Effect of CLIC4 on VEGF Expression and Secretion of Retinal Pigment Epithelium in Diabetic Retinopathy(81300798). National Nature Science Foundation of China

Areas of Expertise:

Ophthalmology- vtreoretinal diseases

Clinical ethics – clinical ethics education and doctor-patient relationship

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