Fang Shan
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  • Trainee at Yale School of Public Health(June 30, 2013 –January 1,2014)

  • Current title at CSU or another institution(Ph.D. candidate at CSU / lecturer in Medical Collage of Nantong University)

  • Member of an IRB?Which one, what is your title?I’m not member of IRB



work phone number136-1521-3096

Short Biography: (here is Kaveh’s as an example)

Fang Shan obtained Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in Clinical Medicine from Hunan Medical University and Yunnan Medical University respectively. Now she is Ph.D.candidate at Central South University ,and her major is Bioethics. Her research interests is Ethical Issues in Biobanks .Her program of research aims to survey the patients’ attitudes of informed consent in China to biobank research. The similar study is scarce. It will combine the international experience on theories and practices and put forward some practical and principle suggestions based on Chinese context.

Mentored Trainee Research Project (if any):Include title and short summary.If project is complete, include results

She undertook the project of “Patients’ Support and Perspectives on Informed Consent for Biobanking in China”. She have finished the data collection and statistical analysis according to the design of the proposal. The project started from 2014, and will be finished this year by publish the english article.

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Areas of Expertise: I’m interested in ethical issues in bio-bank research. My doctoral paper is about it.

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