Min Yang
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  • Trainee at Yale School of Public Health datesfrom November 19, 2014 to December19, 2014.

  • Current title at CSU:associate professor

  • Member of an IRB?Which one, what is your title? vice chair of IRB of Xiangya School of Nursing.


work email:470110692@qq.com

work phone number 86-731-82650275

Short Biography: Min Yang works as an associate professor at Xiangya School of Nursing of CSU. She has been teaching fundamental nursing and psychiatric nursing for more than 15 years. She also finished her Ph.D specilized on bio-ethics and accepted medical ethical training at Yale University two times (January,2008-May, 2008; November, 2014-December, 2014). She initiatived a nursing and social behavioral research IRB at Xiangya School of Nursing in 2015.

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